Want Custom Acrylic Print For Home Decor? Here’s How To Get It

Custom Acrylic Print Home Decor

When it comes to custom acrylic print home decor, the contemporary frameless look is beautiful. You’ll love how your photos shine – literally! Acrylic is lighter and more durable than typically glass frames. It’s the perfect material for displaying photos in bathrooms, kitchens, really anywhere. With acrylic print as your home decor, you can get creative art that looks like it should really belong in a gallery.

Your home is where you spend most of your time, and it can be the perfect way to represent yourself and your style. Given the hundreds of tv shows on today about interior design and home decoration, it’s a universal thing to pay special attention to our homes. People all over the world spend countless hours planning and tweaking the way their homes look. Decorating your house or office space with custom acrylic print home decor is a great way to turn empty walls into a warm and inviting space. Make your space an extension of you and your personal preferences.

3 Ways To Get Custom Acrylic Print Home Decor You’ll Love

When it’s time to add a little more contemporary style to your home, consider custom acrylic print home decor. Transform your favourite photographs or work of art into a modern masterpiece you’ll love with our acrylic print options. Make a statement with sleek and professional frameless designs that bring style and sophistication to every home.

Our acrylic prints bring light into any home with beautiful acrylic eye-catching home decor. Acrylic prints add something special to any home regardless of style or personal taste. Hang them on a desk, a mantle, above your bed – wherever! Add a level of shine to your favourite pictures and let everyone who comes into your space admire your style. We want to help make decorating your home a fun and creative process, so here are a few tips to help you get exactly what you want and more.

Choose Your Photos

The first step is to pick the right photos. Start by deciding where you want your photos. Do you have a big empty space? Is there a hallway you’ve been trying to fill? Knowing where you want to hang your custom prints will give you a better idea of what kind of photos you want to print.

Maybe you just had a professional photoshoot and are dying to hang your new family photos! Display in your dining room or master bedroom.

Perhaps you’re looking to add some culture! There are thousands and thousands of free-to-use artwork images available that you can print. The trick is to make sure you use high-quality photos so that no matter how big you blow them up to, they’ll be crystal clear and beautiful.

Choose Your Size and Shape

Ok, you know where you’re going to put them, you’ve picked the photos you want, the next step is to choose your size and shape. We can print acrylic custom home decor prints up to 30” x 20” and our panoramic prints are up to 36” long.

We’ve got solutions for every space, big or small. We also give you the option to pick your shape. Choose from square, rectangle, or panoramic, whatever fits the composition of your photos the best. Having a variety of options gives you the freedom to create a gallery-style wall that is customizable and interchangeable. Whatever your needs are, we have the solution!

Choose Your Wall Gallery Style

When you order with us, you get a plethora of options on how to arrange your custom acrylic print home decor. Here we go over a couple of different options for you.

Split Acrylic Prints

A really popular option is to choose split acrylic prints. This is a contemporary style that heightens the drama and appeal of your photo when you split it across multiple panels. You’ll love the crystal clear clarity of our acrylic prints on the walls of your home and the added “sparkle” that comes with acrylic prints.

Choose a large photo that can be split nicely or a collection of photos that go well together.

Acrylic Wall Displays

The gallery-inspired look of custom acrylic print home decor is a great way to add that extra level of sophistication and style to your home. You can get your specially chosen prints printed in a variety of sizes and arrange them however you’d like. Try a group of similarly themed photos, a collection of family prints, your favourite artwork, or anything you’d like – a gallery wall in your home adds a modern effect that everyone will love when they come to visit.

Acrylic Photo Collage

An acrylic photo collage is another popular way to display your collection of photos or artwork. Our light and durable plexiglass preserve and even enhance the printed image. Get creative with the images you use. We think that the best college comes from a mix of shapes, styles, sizes, and colours. This is your time to create your home style however you’d like. Keep it simple, or let your design go wild!

How To Order (Hint: Let Us Help!)

We make it easy to order custom acrylic print home decor. Once you pick your photos, simply choose the style and the quantity, enter your payment information – and you’re done! Your photos will be mounted on premium-polished acrylic with aluminium-brushed posts so that it is easy to mount your prints on your wall. In just a few clicks, your art turns into high definition wall art that you’ll love.


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