Do We Really Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Service In Australia?

Professional Carpet Cleaning Australia

The best way to approach this question is to summarize what professional carpet cleaners can do that you can’t:

They Have the Right Equipment for the Job

Everyone who owns carpets in their homes or place of business knows vacuuming and shampooing are ineffective in cleaning.

Shampooing takes too long to dry and opens carpets to the risk of mildew. Commercial vacuum cleaners are under-powered and cannot significantly reduce the number of trapped substances. Even if you use a home-based steam cleaner, it could be under-powered and these consume a large amount of water and electricity.

Professional carpet cleaners from Gold Coast Australia use industrial-grade steam cleaners which have the power to drive the chemicals straight into the fibres. The combination of high pressure and high heat effectively dislodge a sizeable amount of trapped substances and sanitizes the carpet at the same time. Most carpet cleaning companies use truck mounted steam cleaners. The advantage of these units is they use their own supply of water and power thus, helping you stay within budget.

They Invest in the Technology

They are called “professionals” because carpet cleaning is their livelihood; it is their business. Australia is a country that loves carpets and the industry can become competitive. It is important for carpet cleaning companies to remain updated in the latest technological developments to stay ahead of the competition.

If you have carpets in your home would you invest in an “Encapsulation System”? Probably not. Encapsulation is one of the new technologies in carpet cleaning. It uses chemicals in combination with detergents but the difference is the availability of polymers which encapsulate the suspended substances and “crystallizes” them for easier vacuuming. Encapsulation was developed in an effort to promote a green approach in carpet cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaners Have the Experience

As you well know you can find carpets made of different materials. Each one has distinct qualities, different textures and components. Carpets also serve different functions based on its material.

Needle felt carpets, for example, are made of synthetic fibre that is very durable. These are often the carpet-type of choice for high-traffic areas like hotels and restaurants. Tufted carpets are made by using tufting machines which stamp or press the yarn into the woven fabric with the use of a needle then applied with secondary backing of latex. These are often used as a traditional floor covering.

The method for cleaning and maintaining the carpet depends on the material. If you decide to clean the carpets on your own and use the wrong chemical or procedure, you could irreparably damage the carpet. Silk as an example is a very delicate material and does not hold well to excessive water.

The professional carpet cleaners will assess your carpets and come up with the best approach to cleaning it without damaging the material. In fact, they can also do carpet restoration work if the surface has visible marks, stains or indentations.

For sure, most homeowners want to clean their carpets themselves because they want to save money. But your carpets are an investment. In Australia, the availability of carpets in a home can increase its market valuation. You should do what you can to ensure your carpets maintain its original quality. Besides, the carpets are quite expensive. If you damage your carpet, you may potentially have to buy a new one.

You don’t have to clean your carpets every day. Maybe regular vacuuming once a week would be fine to manage the volume of allergens, but general cleaning is usually undertaken only every 12 to 18 months. The frequency would depend on the size of the household and the level of activity. Having pets that stay indoors will definitely require more frequent general carpet cleaning procedures. But again, these may not be more than 3 to 4 times a year.

If you annualize your carpet cleaning expenditures, it will not come out to be expensive. Most importantly, the job is done right.

If your business establishment has wall-to-wall carpeting, don’t even think about doing the cleaning in-house. For most establishments that rely on carpets to provide elegance and a particular ambience, you should only leave carpet cleaning services to the professionals. They have the tools and the manpower to get the job done fast and in accordance to standards.

Remember, carpet cleaning companies don’t just clean carpets. They also clean mattresses, linens, upholstery and floor tiles among others. If you own a hotel, you would not want a dust mite infestation in your rooms. Carpet cleaners can get the bugs out in no time at all.

So is hiring professional carpet cleaning services worth it? Yes! Acquiring their services ensures the health and well-being of those who reside in your homes and use the premises. It also protects your investment in your home and guarantees the quality and maintenance of your beautiful carpets.


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