A Useful Insight into Obtaining a Medical Certificate

Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is the most common method of providing evidence that a person is suffering from illness. It is also one of the most common requirements for every workplace for their employees to take sick leave. Almost every workplace will provide their employees with a set number of casual leaves and sick leaves and a certificate of health is often one of the best methods providing proof of sickness.

The requirement of a medical-certificate tends to differ as per the organization. Some might require it if two or more days are absent while others might require it for employees to qualify for taking any type of sick leave. Employers have the legal right to request a certificate.

It is useful for many other reasons like applications or registrations of some kind. This article provides essential information regarding certificates. It is a must-read for those seeking a certificate of health from a Jimboomba medical centre.

What does a Medical Certificate Contain?

A certificate should ideally contain sufficient information for one to understand the medical condition of a patient. For example, if it is meant for an employer; it should consist of satisfactory information that the person is too sick to perform his duties. A medical-certificate is usually considered sufficient evidence of the sickness of an employee and an employee has a right to keep the details of the sickness confidential. In the case of special conditions and reasonable circumstances, an employer may request further details from the medical practitioner; this may also be to verify the information.

Important Facts about Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is an important document that has several legal and medical ramifications. It is extremely important to have a certificate of health for a wide range of reasons. A valid proof of sickness needs to qualify for sick leave at a workplace. Besides this it is also essential at the place of education like at a school or in a University, It is also essential for registration or to qualify for some special activities.

Hence, every medical practitioner should issue this with care. They must be honest and it should not be misleading in any way. Here are some important facts:

  • A certificate needs to consist of the period of the sickness of an employee, date of issue.
  • The patient has the right to prevent the medical practitioner from placing confidential medical information on the certificate. At the same time, an employer has the right to either accept or reject a certificate based on the information provided.
  • A medical practitioner will issue the certificate only if there is sufficient proof of sickness and can refuse to issue one.
  • An ideal certificate of health is one which contains the name & address of the medical practitioner. It should also consist of the name of the patient, date of examination, medical condition, the dates the patient is likely to be unfit and date of issue of a certificate.

How to Obtain one?

It is not hard to generate a false medical certificate and misuse it either at a workplace or for some other reason. It is essential to obtain one from a registered medical practitioner and it should be for a true medical condition.

A medical conditioner can issue this if there is sufficient evidence that the person is sick. It is also possible to issue one in case of injury or accident. For example, the medical practitioners at a Coomera medical centre are fully qualified to perform a medical examination and issue a certificate of health. The correct method of doing so is to request an appointment for a medical examination and see a doctor and request a medical certificate at the time.


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