Your Guide to A Safe Move During COVID-19

Sydney Removalist

The Coronavirus pandemic has made moving more complicated. But by taking the right precautions and hiring the Best Removalist in Sydney, you can ensure your safe move goes smoothly and without a hitch during these trying times.

Here’s your guide to a safe and secure move during the COVID-19 situation.

Find A Removalist That Has Adopted COVID-19 Safety Measures

Transport and logistics have been classified as essential services nationwide. This means removalists can still operate and you can go ahead with your move – albeit while practising social distancing. One of the most crucial aspects of carrying out a move during this COVID-19 situation is to find a removalist that has taken the necessary precautions and safety measures. AAA City Removalist is one such removalist. The business has put in place strict COVID-19 Guidelines for its employees and business partners. They have devised a system that requires minimal contact and have the necessary resources and information to handle a move in the safest way possible.

Pack and Label Boxes and Leave Written Instructions for The Movers

If you’re keen to limit contact with the movers, one way to do that is to make sure you pack and label all the boxes so when the movers arrive, they have clear instructions of what’s in each box and where each box should be placed when unloading them in the new place. This way, you can stay out of their way and they can load and unload the boxes without you having to be around to guide them where everything goes.

Ask the Mover What Measures They’ve Taken for A Safe Move During COVID-19

When hiring a mover, do not hesitate to ask them about what they’re doing to deal with the Coronavirus situation. If they are indeed following WHO guidelines and taking the situation seriously, they should be more than happy to discuss it with you and reassure you. If they are not very forthcoming or don’t seem to have any safety measures in place, then steer clear of them and find another professional removalist who’s more proactive and responsible. For instance, AAA City Removalist has stated in their website that they’re quarantining their FREE hiring boxes and cartons as well as wiping down their trucks and equipment with strong disinfectants. And that’s what you need – a mover that’s taking this situation seriously and doing everything they can to ensure their customers and their staff’s safety.

If you’re looking for a reliable removalist for your residential or office move, contact AAA City Removalist at 1800 77 77 81


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