Factors To Consider Before Hiring Australian Limestone Supplier


Finding a decent limestone supplier is not easy. There are only a handful of suppliers in Perth that offer good quality limestone blocks and other building materials. As a contractor, you will generally need limestone blocks for numerous different building projects.

Limestone blocks are used for building retaining walls, pier blocks and various other public building projects. However, as a contractor, finding the right supplier can be quite difficult. Finding a good supplier can make all the difference for the contractor.

You would end up incurring a lot of losses if you hire a poor supplier. The supplier will not be able to deliver the limestone blocks on time and might make it difficult for you to finish your projects by the stated deadline.

Now, if you are interested in hiring a limestone supplier, here are a few factors that you should consider:


Obviously, you will not know whether a limestone supplier is reliable enough until you actually work with them. However, there are not many suppliers in the market that offer reconstituted limestone blocks. Meteor Stone’s best limestone supplier in Perth and is one of the biggest companies that supply a wide variety of different types of limestone blocks. The company is known to be reliable and always makes it delivery timings.

When you place an order for reconstituted limestone blocks, the supplier will generally give you a stated deadline. Before you place a bigger order with any limestone supplier, the first thing that you should do is to place a small order and sees whether the supplier can make the delivery on time.

The quality of the limestone blocks should also be good enough and according to the building standards as set by the Australian Building Authority. A reliable supplier could help you avoid plenty of potential losses and can make your life very easy. Most importantly, a reliable supplier will help you take on bigger projects because you will know that the blocks will be delivered on time.


Contractors generally try to maximise their profit as much as possible while buying limestone blocks and other raw materials for their projects. One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when hiring any limestone supplier is the price options that they offer.

Some limestone suppliers offer high-quality limestone blocks, but charge a heftier fee for it. On the other hand, other suppliers generally provide cheaper limestone blocks, but the quality of the blocks is quite poor. Before you make a decision about which supplier to hire for your next project, keep these factors in mind.

It is generally recommended that you ask for quotations and samples from several limestone suppliers before coming to a decision about which supplier to work with. This will help you compare between different suppliers and get an idea about whether the supplier is within your price range and whether he/she offers good quality limestone blocks or not.

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