Cocktail v/s Sit-Down Reception Style: Find Your Match!

Sit-Down Receptions

One of the most challenging decisions while planning your wedding is to decide the style of reception you want to go for. The decision entirely depends on your personal style, venue and budget. The number of people attending the reception should also be kept in mind. The first step towards planning a successful reception is to hire a wedding planner in Perth. When you discuss your requirements and budget with them, they will be able to prepare a plan for you.  But if you are torn between two of the most famous reception themes; cocktail and sit-down then you have landed the right place. In this article, you will find a breakdown of these two reception styles so by the time you’re done reading this, you will be able to decide what suits you the best.

Decide your Vibe

The first thing you need to take into consideration is deciding what type of ‘feel’ you want for the event. Do you want a chill and casual style reception or do you want a traditional event where things are more intimate? If you have this clear you are one step closer to finalising the reception style.

A Comparison of the Two Styles

Cocktail Reception: if you are looking for a more relaxed event where your guests are just casually mingling with each other and no formalities then the cocktail event is perfect for you. Nevertheless, you can also include speech, dances and cake cutting- but there won’t be a touch of traditions in these events.  These types of reception structures are best for those couples who do not want everything in a very orderly manner and just want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. The main benefit of these reception styles is that you can add some fun and frolic to the event by hiring a food truck, a photo booth with props, no formal dress code and drink stations. When it comes to decoration, you can experiment all you want because remember there are no rules! Go for pastel decor or amp it up with bright colours and jazz music. Go for furniture pieces like bar stools and chunky arbours.

Sit-Down Receptions: for those old school couples who still love the traditions and customs- sit-down receptions are ideal for you. This event setting is more on the formal tone where guests can enjoy luxurious meals with various culinary. Sit-down receptions involve meticulous planning and proper structuring of the entire function.  The ambience is quite formal and the ‘dinner tables’ are the centre of attraction in the entire event. Marble tables, luxe gold cutlery and lavish seating arrangements are the keys to a stunning sit-down reception. While planning one of these, the emphasis is laid on using earthy tones, metallic decoration and using antique centrepieces.

Keep the Venue and Budget in Mind

Both of these reception styles have their own sense of belonging but your ultimate decision will also depend on the venue and budget of your wedding. The main cost here is furniture and decor. To save in these two areas it is ideal to opt for hiring furniture from Black Label Events as they are a reputable wedding stylist in Perth. The cost involved in both of these events will depend on the type of look you want to achieve. Make sure you visit and explore your options to make your special evening count!


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