Business Lawyer vs. Corporate Lawyer – What Is The Difference

Lawyers Difference

There are many different types of lawyers like commercial lawyers, business lawyers, as well as conveyancing solicitors in Sydney and many more. It is not uncommon for one to have a certain level of confusion between a corporate lawyer and a business lawyer. In general corporate law is more to do with the legal aspect of governing sale and distribution of goods. On the other hand, business law is to do with legal issues related to the acquisitions, mergers, shareholders rights, formation of a company.

It is perfectly fine to be confused as to which type of lawyer you require, however at times companies do require expertise on both types of law. For example, it is possible that you might want to start a business, or require legal advice or assistance on some other matter; since these two legal fields are similar it is understandable to be confused about the practice area and type of cases they would take up. This article explains the difference between the two types of lawyers. It is a must-read for those considering to hire a commercial lawyer in Parramatta.

Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer is someone whose main objective is to serve the interests of the corporation and not an individual like an owner or CEO. They are also the type of lawyers who tend to deal with large corporations and multinationals. Large firms tend to have an inhouse counsel, but some prefer to outsource their legal matters to popular law firms in the city. One of the reasons you might require the assistance of a corporate lawyer is due to personal conflicts between lawyers. This is a bigger issue in larger corporations and such conflicts are needed to be resolved by the HR department by seeking legal assistance if necessary. A corporate lawyer will also perform several other services like giving business advice, involved in civil litigation, contractual matters, employment issues which are quite similar to a business lawyer.

A corporate lawyer will usually specialise with making deals and contracts usually with those that involve international entities. They also help with acquisitions and issues to do with corporate structure and investor rights.

Business Lawyer

Business lawyers tend to work in comparatively smaller law firms. This is usually in firms with up to 5 lawyers. At the same time, they are also associated with smaller businesses and not likely to work with large firms or multinationals. However, this is not a set rule and hence there can be exceptions.

A business lawyer is essentially one who provides legal advice on almost all aspects of a business. This can be regarding business assets, developing a business model, ensuring a firm complies with the local rules & regulations. They also offer advice regarding the formation of dissolution of a business. They are the people to turn to solve a lawsuit, verify staff manuals, enforcing a policy or even reviewing a contract.

A Business Lawyer Specialises in Several Matters as Listed Here:

  • Developing a business model.
  • Assisting in the name and logo for a business.
  • Handling all tax issues.
  • Producing partnership agreements.
  • Deal with other federal entities.
  • Handle all matters about direct or indirect lawsuits.

The Best Fit for Your Case

The simplest method of differentiating between corporate lawyers and business lawyers is the overall perspective. Business law is more to do with activity since it involves tasks like buying, selling, etc. On the other hand, corporate law is more to do with other activities of a corporate, like validation, main operation and several other activities.

While a corporate lawyer provides guidelines on purchase or selling within the international market. It is also to do with a breach of corporate mandate involving several companies with covers. A business lawyer will cover issues like unemployment and taxes.


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