The Best Quality Canvas Prints of Each Size

The Canvas Prints Size

At Canvas Factory, we thrive to build the best quality canvas prints of each size. Starting from the smallest member 5*7 until 54*54, you get a wide assortment of options in context to canvas prints sizes. But, our service specialists often come across questions linked with the most popular size for canvas prints or the canvas size which can be ideal for them.

Now with this site, we would like to share with you seven hottest canvas prints sizes that are usually ordered and favored by our international users. With this, we would also like to share that each of those below-mentioned sizes has the potential to serve an individual’s purpose depending on the area they are being used.

Let’s Have a Look at Our 7 Hottest Canvas Dimensions and How You Can Use Them in the Best Way:

11”x14” Prints

Have you ever seen any gallery wall? Today, the style of a gallery wall is in trend. This 11”x14” print size is best for gallery wall look. Also, if your home has a small wall or small space then adding this size of canvas prints will add a more elegant look to your wall. In addition to this if you are having a large space to cover in your room, you can fill it with several numbers of memories with different small prints. To display your memories in more affordable and economic ways, using a 11” x 14” canvas print size is the best option.

12″x 12″ Prints

The reason for being on top in our list is that this canvas prints size stays perfectly between not too little’ and not too large’ category. Though it’s possible to use this alone and mount it on your home/office wall. Even though it is often suggested to use this to create a gallery wall.

This one can be your ideal partner to showcase your particular moments using special square canvas prints. While this covers a noticeable area on your wall, in addition, it makes a perfect match by not resisting the glow of additional decorative nearby. These may be an ideal fit in both the situations; independently or in form of a wall.

16”x 20” Prints

If you’re one of those looking to fill up a larger space with the single canvas printing. This 16″ x 20″ canvas size is your perfect match. Our experts often suggest mounting this on the empty wall of your living room or the dining room using photos of you with your nearest and dearest or the latter alone.

This size is the most popular one among all the sizes of canvas prints. If you are the one who loves to decorate the rooms with the picture and your memories and 16” x 20” canvas print size is the best option. This 16 inch by 20 inch canvas is as light as feather and also the installation of this size of canvas is easy.  Also, this could be a perfect gift for your loved ones as this will become the centre of attraction in one’s house. 

24”x36” Prints

By the size itself you can understand that 24 inch by 36 inch canvas size is good for large space. In this, you will find a wall hanging equipment. The best use of it is done in such a way that people are using it to display their artwork rather than saving a memory. Not only for the walls of your house but this canvas print size will add a beauty touch in the wall of your office also. The experts often suggest adding this type of canvas size at a place where the canvas can breathe on its own. This print is best for bed rooms, living rooms, and offices.

30″x 40″ Prints

The gigantic canvas print fits perfectly to the saying Larger than life’. Often thought to portray the moments that are very special to you, this really sits proudly in our list of most popular sizes for canvas prints. You can use this in your living room over your couch or in your bedroom as well.

32”x48” Prints

If you are having a large spacious room with a large space to decorate the wall, then you must go with this size. It will really grace the look of your room. You can  print this print with a group photo of your family members or can patch some really unforgettable memories of your picnic in this print. You can patch this print at any place of your room either side of your bed, or in the front wall of your drawing room, where it will get the first attention of the guest.

36″x 54″ Prints

Though last on our list but not the least. This one makes your loveable moments more adorable with its massive size. If you would like to fill the massive empty space on your wall using single canvas printing, this is the solution. Use this when you wish to express your unconfined feelings and love through big canvas prints.

While different individuals have different requirements and expectations when it’s all about decorating their bare walls or expressing their feelings through canvas prints, we have noticed the aforementioned five dimensions getting the most attention.

In case you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team and have your queries resolved.


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