Auckland to Melbourne – A Trip to Remember Forever

Auckland to Melbourne

Staying in New Zealand? Looking forward to some of the best trips in nearby Australian cities? Australia is considered as one of the perfect destinations for touring and outdoor activities. This beautiful island is worth visiting. Not only foreigners but also localities love visiting destinations like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and others. If you want to explore any fantastic places then we promise that trip from Auckland to Melbourne will be more worthy than ever. If you are a foodie and also a trip lover, then probably Melbourne will be the worthy place for you to explore. If you think about how to go out of home in this pandemic situation and also worry about time & money then there are some clever ways to save money and life too by planning a trip to perfection.

Here are some Amazing Facts about Trip From Auckland to Melbourne

Spoiler Alert: Its Really Big Place to Explore

Europe looks huge to explore but most of its places are just in a mere hours away. That is not the case in Australia and New Zealand, and when it comes to move from one corner of Auckland to another corner of Melbourne, you will find a lot of places to explore and see. If you want to utilize your planned time smartly then hiring a campervan will be better and convenient for you, so that you will explore most of the places easily. Also, you will be able to avoid backtracking.

Getting There

Distance from Auckland to Melbourne is only about 1,635 miles. Flights from Auckland to Melbourne are not too expensive. So, with a decent touring budget,  you can enjoy the best sceneries and have unlimited fun.  Tempted enough to plan Auckland to Melbourne tour? Let’s land soon in Melbourne and hire a Campervan to enjoy each destination. Also, In Australia, you can drive on your NZ license for up to 3 months. So, if you have one, you can drive it at your own convenience. Hiring a campervan service will offer you a spacious, comfortable and flexible accommodation and you can cook your own food while travelling.

Perfect Trip

If you want to explore different beautiful places and want to enjoy the beauty of mother nature then Campervan services are the key saving element that can make your trip full of adventure. If you want to go the east-west route, there is a 5 hours journey down to Queenstown while moving towards Melbourne. It is a good place to explore the rugged, active lifestyle of this south island. From there, if you are heading to Melbourne for amazing food and shopping, there are alot places like historical monuments, beaches and more to explore. Campervan services allow you to move different places in Melbourne at very affordable cost. You can explore this vibrant, elegant, multicultural and Australia’s second largest metropolitan area as the most livable city – Melbourne without getting tensed about money & time. City’s diverse galleries, chic cafes, shopping malls, and many more.


What you drink can really determine where to go. Melbourne is also known for its wine. It offers some of the world’s juiciest and most succulent Shiraz, & Chardonnay and more dominated from Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Sunbury and Macedon wine regions.


If you are looking for the best beaches to enjoy with your family and friends then Melbourne will be the first love of travellers. Melbourne gives the best beaches options to go and enjoy.  If you are looking to explore rich cultural attractions with the beauty of nature then Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges and Golden Beaches of the Mornington Peninsula as Day Trip Destinations.


This is the part where people who come to Auckland and prefer a fantastic trip to Melbourne then they explore such places without wasting time. It is true that some cities don’t require much time. Auckland is the two day maximum city. It is a very beautiful city and nearby areas like Queenstown are magical. If you are more active for hiking, biking, climbing, sky diving etc. then more days you will need because there are a lot of places in Melbourne where you can experience skydiving, climbing and many things.

Practical Stuffs You Need to Pack

Campervans are unique motorhomes which contain almost maximum facilities and advanced amenities like kitchen facilities, standardization of electricity, water and sewage connection in order to ensure total compatibility and facilities for customers. Hiring a Campervan for Melbourne will help you to enjoy each and every moment with your loved ones in the aerial journey from Auckland to Melbourne.

Over to You

One of the most favorable things while planning your trip to Melbourne from Auckland is no visa hurdle. New Zealand citizens do not need to apply for a visa before coming to Australia. So, if your calendar is FREE for a week and have enough funds to plan your trip, go ahead with booking your flight to Melbourne. Wish you a very happy, safe and fun-filled vacation.


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