Top 3 Tips from A Professional Locksmith to Secure Your New Home

Professional Locksmith

Being a new homeowner is an exciting albeit stressful scenario. In one hand you’re happy that you managed to build/buy a home to call your own. But on the other hand, you feel a little overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that you now face. Vandalism and theft could cost you dearly, not just in the monetary sense but be detrimental to your peace of mind and mental health as well. Locksmith always having the best tips to prevent such loses. Follow this guide from the Best Locksmiths Brisbane to ensure your new home’s secure and burglar-proofed.

  1. Change Locks and Keys

While we’re not suggesting that your seller or builder are not trustworthy, it is a smart idea to go ahead and have the locks changed right after you move into your new home. Why do you ask? Well, simply for your peace of mind. Knowing a 100% that no one else has access to your home will go a long way in helping you sleep better at night and avoid the unlikely, but not impossible, the scenario of a third party attempting to access your home with a duplicate/spare key.

  1. Invest in Locks and Curtains/Blinds for Your Windows

Your windows can offer a clear and uninterrupted view into your home. More often than not, burglars target a home, scope it out to see if it’s worth breaking into and one of the ways they do that is by looking through uncovered windows. So, it’s crucial to hire a Locksmith to have locks installed for all your windows. Once that’s done, invest in curtains or blinds for privacy and to keep the outside world from gaining a view of the inside of your home. Your home is your personal/safe space and no stranger walking or driving by should get to see that personal space.

  1. Hire Reliable and Professional Removalists for The Move

Resist the temptation to hire cheap help for the move. Sites like Gumtree offer cheap labour, but these are not reliable and the last thing you want to do is inadvertently let someone with bad or ill intentions into your new home, giving them an opportunity to learnt he layout of the home as well as the valuable items laying around.

So, take the time to carefully pick and choose a professional removalist who’s trustworthy and has good credentials. Doing this will ensure you don’t let any miscreants into your safe space. Keeping track of and controlling who enters your new home is important. If you need a plumber or electrician to fix something, again, do your due diligence and hire qualified and reputable tradesmen for the jobs.

Taking the above-mentioned easy precautions suggested by the Locksmith will go a long way in alleviating your worries and improving your new home’s security.


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