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Feb 2, 17

Jasmin Ward: Analyst at Navitas Ventures

Jasmin is a research analyst at Navitas ventures and formerly an accountant at PWC. Jasmin talks about adapting to change early in her career and offers a few handy tips for the Graduate application process.

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Feb 26, 17

Accelerator Diaries: EduGrowth week 2 – The Rollercoaster

EduGrowth week 2: the Rollercoaster Hello dear readers, welcome to...

Feb 20, 17

Accelerator Diaries: EduGrowth week 1

With week 1 of the EduGrowth accelerator officially in the...

Feb 14, 17

Prevyou – Featured in the Australian Financial Review

It came as a bit of a surprise over the...

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So.. How Does It Work?

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We team up with recent graduates to give you the insights you need to discover what you’re really passionate about.

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Our learning platform will help you understand the skills and experience that you’ll need to get hired.

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With a focus on practical skills, not theoretical concepts. We help you excel in whatever path you choose to take.

Latest Courses

Our courses are designed specifically for students and recent graduates. With the help of recent graduates, we teach the practical skills needed in the real world.

How to set up a wordpress site

This is a simple guide to help anyone getting set up on Wordpress. Regardless of your experience level this course will walk you through all the necessary steps to get you up and running on the Wordpress CMS software.

2.5 Hours

Setting up a Landing Page with Instapage

This course is a step-by-step guide to getting started with Instapage. Each video offers clear instructions on the whole process from registering a domain name to publishing your first landing page.

2 hours

Building Lean

How to minimise waste when building new products using the lean startup methodology

3 hours

Don't wait for a job. Make your own job with our Free E-book

Interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

This is a free resource designed specifically to help students and recent graduates launch their own businesses. With real stories, practical tips and step-by-step guides to help you get started regardless of your experience!

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Internship Projects

Need to get some practical experience? Don’t know where to start? Our projects are designed to help students gain practical experience in the roles that you’re most interested in. With step-by-step guides and clearly defined outcomes, these projects offer a an amazing experience without the hassle.

Packaged Projects

Digital Marketing Competitor Analysis

The Digital Marketing Competitor Analysis project is a step-by-step guide to analyse a firms marketing performance against that of its competition. This project is intended for University students to complete as part of a work experience or internship program. It can be completed either onsite or remotely and can form part of or the entirety of a internship experience.

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Bite Sized Projects

Market Positioning Strategy

Positioning is all about the battle for space in the minds of the consumer. In...

Content Review

Content marketing is fast becoming the central focus of many businesses digital marketing strategies. Creating...

Course Placeholer Image

Competitor analysis

The Digital Marketing Competitor Analysis project is a step-by-step guide to analyse a firms marketing...

Real World Scenarios

Want to discover what the professional world is all about? Our scenarios help you to discover what career you’re most passionate about all whilst you refine your practical skills.

Social Media Audit

Review the social media practices of a real company and drafting suggestions for improvement. This scenario replicates the same processes followed by leading digital marketing firms when reviewing the social media presence of their clients.


Deadline: 1 Week

SEO Performance

Search engine optimisation is crucial to the success of a digital marketing campaign. In this scenario, we will be unpacking some of the key technical factors that drive SEO performance on a companies website.


Deadline: 1 Week

Equities Research

Develop your investment banking skills by conducting an equities research report. In this scenario, you’ll be preparing a financial model to forecast the performance of different stocks under different market variables.


Deadline: 1 Week

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Want To Know Who We Are?

Our Moto: Share and Learn

Hey, we’re the Prevyou team. As a group of former students, we all faced the same problem – the gap between University and the real world. We founded Prevyou in early 2016, with a mission to bridge that gap and help smooth the transition from study to practice for all students.

Our vision is to build a community for the sharing of knowledge between recent graduates and current students. We believe that those who are only a couple of steps ahead are the best teachers as they can better relate with our experience.

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Martin Astbury

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Alex Ure

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